Wausau Alliance Church

Who We Are




Wausau Alliance Church exists to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ, who make disciples of all the nations.







(The Triune God is glorious and his Word powerful) | Isaiah 40:6-8

In contrast to a worldly culture that exalts human strength, achievement and power:

We have a high view of God and his Word as our authority

We treasure God as our ultimate satisfaction

We live out of joyful union with him


The Gospel


(The Gospel is God’s demonstration of his love for the world) | 1 Cor. 1:18-31

In contrast to a worldly culture that promotes achievement, self-help, and grasping after wealth:

We live with humility, because Christ became a servant for all

We will never outgrow our need for Spirit-empowered transformation by the gospel

We live as faithful stewards of the vast resources given to us in Christ




(In our union with Jesus his mission becomes ours) | Matt. 28:18-20

In contrast to a worldly culture that idealizes self-improvement and personal advancement, we will pursue God’s mission as co-laborers:

We live a life of radical, intentional discipleship of our neighbors, networks, and the nations

We eagerly desire to send our best to the farthest reaches of the world

We strive for excellence in all we do as witnesses to the watching world




(People’s transformation for God’s glory.) | Eph. 2:1-10

In contrast to a worldly culture that values getting stuff done, building platforms, and budgets:

We pursue connection and loving community

We build up families as a godly institution for human flourishing

We, as God’s family, embrace widows, singles, the broken, and the marginalized




(Without God we can do nothing) | John 15:5

In contrast to a worldly culture that depends on strategies, resources, and influence:

We live with radical dependence on God

We pray expectantly, to see God’s power on display

We seek intimacy with God