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Give Us Faith!

Psalm 8:3-4 – “When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him?”

Of all the truths that exist is Scripture, Psalm 8:3-4 touches on one that should be one of the most comforting. God is the ruler over all things. He created all that we see. The moon, the stars, mountains, and the trees were all formed and placed where they are by God’s powerful design. The animals and the insects and the birds, and every one of us have been formed, given life, and made to exist exactly when God designed us to exist. God has never made a mistake; therefore, that which we encounter is under the sovereign hand of God.

I was recently talking with one of my children, and they were asking me about the size of earth. They themselves have no real concept of how large earth is. They’ve traveled within the United States, but have never jumped on an airplane and headed overseas. In their world, earth is massive. As we talked about the size of earth, they asked about the size of the sun. “How much bigger is the sun than earth?” I didn’t know how to answer this, so I googled it. “Well, it is 109 times larger than earth,” I said. They couldn’t wrap their mind around that number so they asked, “Is the sun the largest star in the universe?” Then I confidently said, “No. The sun is smaller than many stars in the universe.” We can’t even wrap our minds around the size of these planets and stars and the distances between them. Yet, God is the one that designed them and put them in their places. “What is man that you are mindful of him?”

When I consider these ideas, I take comfort because I also believe that God is good and kind and compassionate and loving. If God were not good, kind, compassionate, and loving, then we would be in big trouble. The fact that God placed the stars in their place should literally terrify us. We should fear God, even in his goodness and love, but the fear we would have if he wasn’t loving and good would be much different. These truths should comfort us.

Having surgery on my shoulder recently taught me some invaluable truths. As I lay on the table before being put under, I sat there thinking, “Wow, this is surrender.” To sit down and allow humans who are flawed to stick needles into my body to cause me to fall asleep, rendering me completely vulnerable to chemicals and imperfect hands and man-made objects, is a lesson in surrender. Was I fearful? No. Was I nervous? A little bit. Did I resist? Of course not. I had decided that surgery was what I needed.

Now consider surrendering control to the God who not only placed the sun and stars where they are but also the one who is perfect and good and loving and kind and compassionate! This should be so easy for us, yet it is oftentimes so hard. We experience difficulty and struggle, and trusting is oftentimes a battle. God, give us perspective! Help us to see that we are helpless individuals in need of your control. May we be a people who recognize that you have this. You are in control of all things, including the mole hills we view as mountains and the true hardships that we experience. Give us faith to see who You are and who we are in your eyes!

Pastor Greg