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The Powerful Work of God

“Genesis 1:1 — “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” 

Genesis 1:1, the first verse in the Bible, sets the tone. In the beginning, there was nothing except God. He was there before the heavens and the earth began. And not only was he there before the heavens and the earth began, but he was the one who created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:2 says “The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep.” Simply put, Genesis 1:1-2 teaches us that there was nothing but God in the beginning. He created all that you see, from nothing.

The sad thing about the paragraph I just wrote is that many of you probably read that paragraph and are thinking, “Duh! Talk about elementary basics. Tell me something I don’t know.” Go ahead and read Genesis 1:1 again, and read the first paragraph above, again. In fact, read them over and over again, so that the “elementary” aspects of this extraordinary reality might begin to make an impact in your heart and mind once again.

God gave you breath! God perfectly designed all that we see from nothing. When you see an artistic masterpiece, the natural response is to see the art piece and be amazed at how human hands could craft something so beautiful. Unfortunately, since we are surrounded by artistic masterpieces everywhere we look in creation, many times we forget the fact that God was the beautiful artist who crafted all the masterpieces we see.

If only we could be regularly reminded of the reality of God’s power. With simple words from Almighty God, all that we see was fashioned. Yet God’s power isn’t limited to the creative work we read of in Genesis. He is also the sustainer of life, and the giver of eternal life despite our rebellion against him. He is the God that is worthy of the worship of every one of his created beings. He is also the God that continues to work, even though we don’t acknowledge or recognize it.

Of all the truths of God that are clearly taught in Scripture, the reality of God’s power cannot be denied. When you read the book of Acts, you see the Lord working powerfully in the early church. Yet, despite all the miraculous stories we read, our expectation for God to work powerfully today like he did in the New Testament is pathetic. We have greater faith in the government’s ability to fix our problems than we do in God! Because of these low expectations, our standards for contentment are also low. We should be desperate for a work of God. Our discontentment should be seen in an appetite for more of him that cannot be satisfied by anything this world can offer. But therein lays the problem. Our standards have been lowered so much that we are content with the temporary and the earthly.

Let me remind you once again. The one we worship is the one who created all. He is the one who IS powerfully at work in this world. Long for the miraculous! Long for a work of God in this world like you’ve never seen. Long for the power and work of God to be seen by those around you, that the name of God might be glorified above all!

Pastor Greg