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Our First Post

Dear Parents,

We know this last week has been full of changes.  In the midst of everything, our WausauKid’s team of leaders and volunteers has been working hard to revamp and adjust to the new realities of ministry. 

We believe that doing one thing well is going to be the best way we can serve you this season. We know that life just got turned upside down for you. It’s upside down for everyone. 

We want to provide a sense of continuity and togetherness that will come from all of us sharing a common family devotional each week. 

We are here to support you and provide resources for family discipleship, so here’s an update on what WausauKids will look like in the coming weeks.  


Weekly Newsletter

Each week you will receive an email newsletter update with three elements of our continuing Sunday curriculum adapted for home use:

  • Bible Story (from Gospel Storybook Bible) with Scripture reference
  • A suggested activity or object lesson
  • New City Catechism question  

In addition we will be supporting this from our WausauKids Facebook page, and our church app.



We are encouraging parents to keep up the Awana memorization and recitation. If you missed it, last week there was an email with recommendations for how to do so. Reach out to your Awana director, or myself if you have any questions. As we get nearer the end of the school year, we’ll be sending more communication regarding finishing books, awards, and so on. 



I encourage you, if you don’t already have it, to order the Gospel Story Bible, by Marty Machowski, so you’ll be able to read it to your kids along with the weekly email. It’s available at these online retailers: New Growth Press (publisher’s site); WTSBooks (good selection)

Also, we’ll be using the New City Catechism which has an amazing free app, as well as a book version. All you need to know about it is right here: newcitycatechism.com.

We are praying for you, and we are here to support you.


May God use this season in the lives of our kids. May He shape them deeply in the story of the gospel, and may they know Jesus more and more.


Grace and Peace,

Aaron and the WausauKid’s team