Wausau Alliance Church

Children’s Ministry


What does children’s ministry look like in a pandemic?


It looks like the mission we’ve always had: to show kids King Jesus.

The Bible’s primary message revolves around one character, and that is God revealed in Jesus Christ. (John 14:8).

When kid’s experience the gospel that bears fruit (Colossians 1:6).

That is the formula we’ve been given.

It’s not to make sure our kids “Dare to be a Daniel” but to dazzle them with Jesus. Because Jesus is God revealed.

When kid’s encounter Jesus, they are transformed through the work of the Holy Spirit: to the glory of the triune God.


1. We do this by equipping parents.

We curate and create resources for families to grow in knowing God.

Children’s ministry is best when it is done in close partnership with parents.

God designed it this way.

Discipleship is about daily life and routines conformed to the way of Jesus (Deuteronomy 6:7).

In normal seasons, for every 1 hour a typical kid spends with children’s ministry, they are spending 75 hours with their families. Estimate 40 hours in a year, and that’s 3,000 hours a year.


2. We do this by connecting with kids

This may look like notes in the mail from teachers, and videos on our facebook page.

Kids need the church.

Because kids are people. And people need the church.

We do ministry for kids so they will experience belonging in the church.

Jesus welcomed kids, and we do too (Mark 10:14).



This page will be updated as other resources are made available.

  1. Summer Adventure Kit.
    This summer, we have an activity box designed to provide gospel centered family discipleship resources that get families outdoors and learning about God together. Learn more here questwausau.com.

  2. Family Worship Weekly.
    Every week we send an email to parents with a devotional and a family worship printable.
    Sign up for our mailing list here.
  3. WausauKids Facebook page.
    Every week we have a video that has a fun activity and a family worship weekly prompt: pointing kids to Jesus. 
  4. Recommended Resources.
    • New City Catechism.
      This is an incredible resource for families. There is an app, and print editions. The app has children’s mode which includes shortened catechism answers and music. Our Family Worship Weekly is using questions and memory verses from this catechism each week.
    • The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible.
      There is no better storybible available for young kids. Jared Kennedy does an excellent job at distilling down for the young audience so the meaning is clear. And the pictures are engaging for youngsters–a must!
    • The Gospel Story Bible.
      Marty Machowski’s story bible is the basis for our Family Worship Weekly readings. His book does an excellent job at making a Jesus connection with every story and he covers stories that many story bibles skip. An excellent resource for families.