Wausau Alliance Church

Giving Funds


The following are the funds available for selection when using online giving. Each fund contains a description of the functioning role within Wausau Alliance Church.


General Fund: The general fund is the primary fund of the church. Through this fund the expenses of the entire church are paid. For example, this fund is used to maintain the church, pay salaries, utilities, mortgage, church ministries, benefits, taxes, ministry operations, and some special events.

Building Fund: This fund was used during the Wausau Alliance Church building program. Individuals who wish to give to this fund can still do so and the offering is used to pay the church mortgage or additional principle on the existing loan.

Benevolence Fund: This fund is used for benevolence offerings. Its primary purpose is to help and support those in financial need within the church congregation and throughout the Wausau community.

Great Commission Fund (Missions): For more information on this fund and its purpose, click here.


To Give Online now, please click the icon below and you will be directed to a secure web-portal to make your donation.

give online

Please Note: This link will take you to Wausau Alliance Church’s giving portal hosted by our vendor – Simple Give.