Wausau Alliance Church

How Long O Lord
July 30, 2017

How Long O Lord

Passage: Psalm 13

"Periodical tornados and hurricanes will sweep o'er the Christian; he will be subjected to as many trials in his spirit as trials in his flesh. This much I know, if it be not so with all of you it is so with me. I have to speak to-day to myself; and whilst I shall be endeavoring to encourage those who are distressed and down-hearted, I shall be preaching, I trust to myself, for I need something which shall cheer my heart...my soul is cast down within me, I feel as if I had rather die than live...I need you prayers; I need God's Holy Spirit; and I felt that I could not preach to-day, unless I should preach in such a way as to encourage you and to encourage myself in the good work and labor of the Lord Jesus Christ." - Charles Spurgeon